Mazda: 2016 marks 5th consecutive year of increased production worldwide

On 30 January, Mazda announced figures for production, domestic Japanese sales and exports for 2016.

December ushers in 5th consecutive month of increased production worldwide, 4.5% grown at 129,824 units

Mazda’s track record for December 2016 saw worldwide production rise by 4.5% compared with the same month the previous year, hitting 129,824 units, marking the 5th consecutive month of increased production for the company. In terms of domestic Japanese production, production dropped by 1.5% to 76,790 units such as the Axela; however, with production of the CX-4 starting up overseas, foreign production jumped by 14.6% at 53,034 units marking the 5th consecutive month of increased foreign production.

As for Japanese sales, the CX-3 and Axela saw diminishing figures, with an overall 11.1% drop to 10,682 units and the first drop in 2 months for Mazda. Large vehicles made up 0.7% of that figure, dropping 3.2% overall.

As for exports, those headed for North America and Europe saw decreases, the 3rd consecutive month of falling figures at 74,510 units, 2.5% less than December 2015.

2016 sees 5th consecutive year of rise in worldwide production, 2.9% increase to 1,586,013 units

In 2016, Mazda built a total of 1,586,013 vehicles, a 2.9% increase over 2015 and marking the 5th year of consecutive rises in production for the company. Domestic Japanese production saw a 0.5% increase to 977,376 units manufactured, marking the 2nd consecutive year of greater production. Foreign production saw a larger amount of growth, coming in at 7.1% higher than 2015 with 608,637 units rolled out, marking the 3rd year in a row for increased foreign production, with increases in production of the CX-5 and Axela contributing to those figures.

Japanese sales dropped by 18.0%, the 201,370 units sold marking the first drop in 2 years, certainly affected by drops in sales of the Demio and CX-5. Shares for the larger vehicles’s share accounted for a 1.4 point loss of 5.0%.

Overall exports to North America and Europe increased overall, with a 5.6% increase to 816,743 units, marking the 2nd year of increased production.

Written by Toshiya Hanabusa

[Translation by Bryce Clarke]