Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

Mitsubishi to offer 635 Outlander PHEVs to Ukraine as green investment scheme

On January 27, Mitsubishi announced that it will supply 635 Outlander PHEVs to the Ukrainian police through its Ukraine import subsidiary MMC Ukraine (MMCU). It plans to ship them in around July, 2017.

The plan is based on an emissions credit purchasing contract between a number of Japanese businesses and the Ukrainian government. As part of a CO2 and greenhouse gas emissions reduction plan that applies a green investment scheme under the Kyoto Protocol, the Ukraine plans to use the Outlander PHEV as a police vehicle.

A green investment scheme is an international to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and tackle other environmental problems by offering emissions quotas (AAU) suitable to developed countries under specifically stated terms. This is the second time Mitsubishi has offered vehicles through a green investment scheme following its supplying 507 i-MiEVs to Estonia.

(Translated by Greg Scott)