Lexus NX

Lexus Europe sales set new records at 74,000 in 2016, up 16.5%

In early January, Toyota Motor Europe reports its 2016 European sales for Europe. Total sales set a new record at 74,316 units. This is up 16.5% from the previous year.

The new NX SUV, which was released in October, 2014, sold 26,105 units. This marks the second year that it has been the best-selling model.

The IS sold 6,599 units. This is down 22.6% and represents the 2nd year of decline. But interestingly, it was the best-selling grade. Of total IS sales, 89% were for hybrids. In Europe, where diesel is the norm, the gasoline hybrid lent its support.

The CT200h compact hybrid sold 8,412 units. This was down 17.8% and marks its continued year-on-year declining sales. The GS sold 2,259 units, the RC 1,931, and the LS 156.

Its flagship SUV the RX sold 18,074 units. This is 2.6 times the previous year’s sales.

(Translated by Greg Scott)