Honda Freed with fishing specs

2017 Fishing Show: Honda displays Freed dressed for fishermen, by fishermen

Honda’s accessory subsidiary Honda Access gave its first exhibit at the Japan Fishing Show this year, displaying a yellow Freed+. But it was no ordinary Freed. It was a special model developed under the instruction of fishing pros.

In the back storage space, there were three shelves. Above the shelves were lined up a cooler, a waist pouch, life jacket and other supplies. On other side above the shelves were LED lights and a cage for small items. And there was a hook on the ceiling for fishing rods.

There was also a tent-like fabric that could be pulled out to protect from sunlight or rain. There was a table and chair set there beside it.

A representative from the company said, “We aren’t strong in the hobby field like Toyota or Nissan, so we consulted a professional fisherman and had him use the car, and we decided to build a special fishing car based on his opinions on various things including design.”

It cost about 200,000 yen and from now on Honda plans to sell the parts used as dealer option products.

Attendees gathered around the booth to see the unique scene inside, with many of them leaving saying it was pretty impressive. Company representatives said they want to proactively introduce the car arranged in various ways at other exhibitions.

The 2017 Japan Fishing Show was held the 20th to the 22nd at Pacifico Yokohama.

(Translated by Greg Scott)