Toyota Camry assembled at Kentucky Plant

Toyota’s North American production rises 4.4% to 2.12 million units in 2016

On January 19, Toyota Motor Corporation announced its production results for 2016 in North America. According to these results, total production exceed the two million unit mark for the second straight year as it increased 4.4% year on year, to record-high 2,124,608 units.

Among Toyota’s production facilities in North America, the Kentucky Plant assembled 500,766 vehicles in 2016, a 9.4% rise over the year before. Guiding this success was the Camry, which recorded a double-digit increase of 10.1% year on year, to 366,302 units.

Meanwhile, the Indiana Plant generated 401,859 units as production gained 7% over the previous year. This was led by the Highlander midsize SUV, which improved 5.4% yoy, to 222,578 units.

North of the border in Canada, Toyota produced 601,716 units, a 1.9% increase from a year ago. The RAV4 recorded 250,345 units, equaling a 3.3% growth over 2015. The increased production of SUVs was a result of its continued popularity in the North American market.

Toyota Motor North America’s CEO Jim Lentz said, “Every part and every vehicle that rolls off the line reflects our commitment to safety, quality, value, and, above all, our passion for exceeding customer expectations.”

(Translated by Masayuki Shikata)