Toyota Mirai

Toyota and UAE Joint Hydrogen Research, Mirai Testing

On 17 January, Toyota Motors, in an effort to investigate the potential for utilizing hydrogen in an effort to help bring about a low-carbon economy, entered into agreements with local businesses in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to conduct joint research into said potential.

This agreement was made between Toyota, UAE Masdar, Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC), Air Liquide, and local Toyota distributor Al-Futtaim Motors.

As one facet to link research efforts, local testing of the company’s Mirai fuel-cell vehicle operation and charging would begin from this May. Using hydrogen stations that will be completed by May, the companies will engage in testing of how the vehicle performs and charges in the hot climate among other experiments as well as work to improve understanding of fuel-cell technology and hydrogen-based society by providing UAE government workers and opinion leaders with short term vehicle leases.

Toyota hopes that, in a country such as the UAE where oil production serves as the driving force of the national economy, it can help contribute toward realizing the country’s “UAE Vision 2021” that calls for less ozone pollution, an increase in the use of clean technology, and the greatest infrastructure in the world. This research will be conducted within the scope of the country’s newly planned “Masdar City” that is currently under construction, a project that hopes to provide a completely emission-less environment.

Toyota chairman Takeshi Uchiyamada commented that “The UAE has the potential to build a flourishing hydrogen-based economy through the production of hydrogen at its sodium hydroxide plants and overcome the tight grip of oil through the amount of hydrogen producing facilities that it already has. The UAE has the potential here to lead the world into the next generation of clean energy through the initiatives that it has taken through producing a hydrogen-based society.”

[Translated by Bryce Clarke]