Natural Sound Smoother

Mazda diesel knock reduction technology wins New Machinery Development Awards’ METI award

On December 26, Mazda announced that its Natural Sound Smoother technology which significantly reduces the diesel knock has won the 14th Annual New Machinery Development Awards’ Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Award.

The New Machinery Development Awards award businesses, universities, research organizations or developers and researchers deemed to have contributed considerably toward the progress and expansion of machine industry technology through high-level research and development related to the machine industry or its practical application. The Ministry of Trade, Economy and Industry Award is a special award given to those deemed the most excellent. This is the fourth time that Skyactiv technology has received the award. The other three were for the Skyactiv-G high-ratio gasoline engine, Skyactiv-D clean diesel engine, and Skyactiv-Drive high-ratio transmission.

Natural Sound Smoother is a technology that absorbs the vibrations caused by diesel knock. As a result of exploring with an original measuring mechanism to measure diesel knock, it ascertained that the cause is a vibration that occurs due to the connecting rod’s telescopic motion at the time of engine combustion. The Natural Sound Smoother targets this frequency of 3.5 KHz. Installing the Natural Sound Smoother in the hollow piston pin allows this vibration to be controlled.

As there will be a great deal of functional improvements in electrical power and software operation in the near future, the award was given to the Natural Sound Smoother this year because it won high praise for the system itself being only a mechanical mechanism, even though it uses high-level sensor technology for the source of the vibration.

(Translated by Greg Scott)