CX-3 coming off the line at Hofu plant

Mazda to start production of CX-3 at 3rd plant

Mazda announced that it started production of the CX-3 crossover SUV at its Hofu No.1 plant in Yamaguchi Prefecture from December 15.

The Hofu plant will be the third facility to produce the CX-3. The first was the Ujina No.1 plant in Hiroshima’s Minami Ward, which opened in December, 2014; and the second was the Auto Alliance production facility that began operations in Thailand in October, 2015.

By producing the CX-3, which has always been produced at the Ujina plant, to the Hofu plant, this will free up Ujina’s capacity so that it can produce the CX-5 and CX-9. The idea is to meet the needs of the growing global demand for SUVs in a speedy fashion.

Mazda aims to create a flexible production system that can expand crossover production to 50% in order to reach the global sales goal of 1,650,000 units outlined in its mid-term business plan “Structure Reformation Stage 2” for the period of March, 2017, to March, 2019.

(Translated by Greg Scott)