Toyota executive Toshiyuki Mizushima

Toyota to expand models with new TNGA power trains to 1,000,000 by 2021

On December 6, Toyota held a presentation in Tokyo for its new power train units. At the presentation, Toyota executive Toshiyuki Mizushima revealed the company’s plan to introduce 19 newly developed engines and other products over the next 5 years.

Mizushima serves as the president of the Power Train Company, a new organization within the company that was established in April. The Power Train Company is moving forward with engine, hybrid system and transmission development using the Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) development process.

Through combustion technology and building engines that are more compact, the company aims at combining environmental efficiency with driving performance. At the presentation, Mizushima introduced the development theme of “Direct & Smooth” and said, “Our plan is to change the way Toyota works.”

By efforts such as integrating engine construction and component technology, the company plans to improve the efficiency of its development process. It plans to start by releasing a 4-cylinder 2.5L gasoline engine, this engine’s hybrid system, and an 8-speed AT FF transmission in 2017.

By 2021, it plans to introduce 9 engines, 6 hybrid systems, and 4 transmissions. Mizushima says the company hopes to expand to a pace of 1,000,000 units per year of cars equipped with these products by 2021. The plan is for over 60% of Toyota cars sold in Japan, the US, Europe and China to use the new power trains the same year. It also hopes to see 2017’s CO2 emissions from Toyota vehicles drop by over 15% from those of 2015.

(Translated by Greg Scott)