Toyota power train technology conference

Toyota refashions its power train development structure for better collaboration within group

On December 6, Toyota announced that it had reformed its Power Train Company’s development system with the aim of strengthening it.

Power Train Company is an in-house organization launched in April, 2016. The aim of the changes being made is to accelerate the development of its main products, engines and transmissions, for the time being, with the further aim of speeding up development of hybrid technology such as motors, batteries, power control units (PUC) for the company’s growing number of electric models.

An important part of this effort is to improve technology sharing among different parts of the Toyota Group. In the past, its main technologies and systems were mainly built to be used in-house among each company for research and development.

However, now the company is focused on moving forward the development of its electric car technology and spread of these products at a higher pace than before to meet the challenge of reducing CO2 emissions. To meet this challenge, it will continue selectively producing technology as needed in house while also sharing technology increasingly among companies within the Toyota Group in order to expand the field of its shared development.

Toyota says, “Through strengthening collaborative development through a large room that’s a cross section of the group, plan to most effectively use the resources within the group, and in the short-term establish high level of technology. Group’s total ability level-up, development speed up, spread and growth leads to scale up.

Toyota says, “We plan to strengthen our collaborative development in one huge room that’s a cross section of the group and make the best possible use of all of the group’s resources for the more rapid establishment of high-level technology. The idea is to increase the level of the group’s cumulative strength, speed up development, and scale up through spreading and growing this new technology.”

(Translated by Greg Scott)