President Toshihiro Suzuki
Photo by Teruo Ikehara

Suzuki’s sales forecast in India revised upward to 9%

At their financial results conference held on November 4, Suzuki Motor Corporation’s President Toshihiro Suzuki stated, “We are anticipating a double-digit increase in demand for India’s automotive business for this fiscal year. It is essential that we have a production system that responds accordingly to its expanding market.”

On the same day, Suzuki announced a downward revision of their global sales forecast by 83,000 units due to factors that include a stagnant domestic market. However, its sales forecast for India, Suzuki’s largest market, was revised upward from 7%, to 9% or around 1.56 million units, which would result in a record high for the second straight year.

As for Suzuki’s production system, a new wholly owned 250,000-unit plant is currently under construction in Gujarat, India and will begin operations in early 2017. In addition to the Gujarat Project, President Suzuki stated his desire to strengthen the sales and services structures, emphasizing an offensive approach during growth periods.

(Translated by Masayuki Shikata)