Mitsuoka renews auto export website for customers overseas

Mitsuoka Motors has relaunched BUBU-AUTOEXPORT, a website for exports to overseas operated by the BUBU brand.

BUBU-AUTOEXPORT was established to provide a range of BUBU-owned cars that include European models, US models, domestic pre-owned vehicles and Mitsuoka brand models, to customers outside of Japan. The website underwent a complete renewal, which included the implementation of responsive web design that allows for viewing on various devices as well as providing more details for each vehicle.

The website not only provides vehicles that cater to those seeking affordability, but also features luxury models to target high-end customers. Moreover, to expand sales of Mitsuoka vehicles, BUBU-AUTOEXPORT will act as a point of contact and provide information to not only individual users but to overseas buyers as well.

(Translated by Masayuki Shikata)