Toyota Tsutsumi plant

Toyota group global production up 0.2% at 923,000 in September

According to September production, sales and export figures published by Toyota, total production for the group including Daihatsu and Hino was up 0.2% at 923,614 units, making September the 5th month of year-on-year growth.

Domestic production was up 4.3% at 385,940 units, making it the 5th month of growth. Overseas production was down 2.5% at 537,674 units, marking the first month of decline in 2 months.

Domestic sales were down 1.1% at 150,902 units, marking the first decline in 6 months. Its share of the market including kei cars is 43.2%, which is up 2.3 points.

Exports were down 0.9% at 175,927 units, marking the first decline in 3 months.

Global production for January to September, 2016, was up 1.2% at 7,609,000 units. Sales were up 0.4% at 7,529,000 units.

(Translated by Greg Scott)