Production line (Outback)

Subaru total production sets new record at 95,067 for September

According to production, domestic sales and import figures for September released by Fuji Heavy Industries for the Subaru brand, global production was up 12.7% at 95,067 units, setting a new record and representing the 2nd month of year-on-year growth.

Domestic production focusing on models like the Impreza and Forrester were up 2.2% at 64,572 units, marking the first growth in 2 months. Overseas production grew significantly at 44.0% at 30,495 units due to the start of production of Subaru models on the existing Camry production line. This makes September the 4th consecutive month of growth and also set a new record for September.

Domestic sales were down 3.2% at 14,513 units, marking the first month of decline in two months. Non-kei cars were down 2.3% at 11,145 units, marking also the first decline in 2 months. Models like the Legacy and Forrester were up but the Levorg was down. Sales of kei cars like the Stella and Pleo were down 6.0% at 3,368 units, marking the first decline in 3 months.

Exports were up 4.8% at 51,841 units. Sales of the Forrester grew in North America and Europe, setting a new record for September and making it the first month of growth in two months.

(Translated by Greg Scott)