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Mitsubishi Motors’ overall production closes in on 500,000 units for first time since Lehman Crisis; 2016 first-half results

Mitsubishi Motors Corporation announced its results of production, domestic sales and exports for the first half (April to September) of fiscal 2016. According to these results, overall production fell for the second straight year, dropping 19.3% yoy, to 458,093 units.

This is the first time in seven years for Mitsubishi’s overall production to close in on the 500,000-unit mark since 2009 when the Lehman Crisis had a tremendous impact.

Domestic production declined 24.2% yoy, to 220,673 units, resulting in a deficit for the second month in a row. Production outside of Japan suffered a deficit for the third consecutive month, falling 14.2% yoy, to 237,420 yen.

Domestic sales dropped 37.4% yoy, to 28,698 units, as it declined for the third straight month. Registrations sank 36.8% yoy, to 12,409 units, while mini cars plummeted 37.9% yoy, to 16,289 units. Mitsubishi’s market share including mini cars was 1.4%, down 0.8 percentage points from the year before.

Due in part to reduced shipments to Europe, exports suffered a decline for the third month in a row, falling 7.8% yoy, to 184,844 units.

(Translated by Masayuki Shikata)