Nissan President Carlos Ghosn

Nissan President Ghosn: “We’re Looking to Implement our Knowhow Gained in the Past 17 Years” and Looks to Expand Alliances

In front of members of the press at the company’s headquarters in Yokohama, Nissan Motor Company president Carlos Ghosn commented about the company’s plans on cementing strategic alliances in the future, stating “We have the knowhow we need to form alliances, so given the chance we would welcome partners,” hinting at potential expansions on the part of the company.

The Renault Nissan alliance, thanks to affiliation with Mitsubishi Motors, has reached nearly a scale of 10,000,000 units sold globally. Mr. Ghosn that in terms of how the company would be approaching alliances in the future, that the issue is “2 sided,” and that (having reached the point of 10,000,000 units per year) “we’re finally in a position where we can enjoy all the merits of an operation on this scale.”

On the other hand, “Nissan and Renault have enjoyed an alliance for the past 17 years, affording both companies a great deal of knowhow,” confident in the idea that alliances the company looks to make in the future will be successful. Continuing on, Ghosn stated “If we’re producing 10,000,000 units, then we’re fine. We’re not looking to just continue the alliance but to really implement our knowhow we’ve accumulated over these 17 years,” giving a rough idea of how the company would proceed in forming alliances in the future.

[Translated by Bryce Clarke]