Mitsubishi headquarters

Mitsubishi to significantly reduce executive positions

On October 20, it came to light that Mitsubishi Motors, which is under the Renault-Nissan Alliance group umbrella, is significantly reducing its number of executives.

This was revealed on October 20 by Mitsubishi. The announcement said, “In order to adjust the number of executives to a reasonable scale, we are reducing our staff from less than 40 to less than 15.”

Mitsubishi plans to hold a special meeting of stockholders on December 14. At the meeting, it plans to discuss changing some portion of its articles of incorporation related to reducing its staff.

Mitsubishi explained, “In order to separate supervisory and executive positions and clarify this separation, we will introduce an organization that puts the CEO at the very top of the executive officers. The executive staff reduction will proceed according to this change.”

(Translated by Greg Scott)