Mazda CX-4

Mazda’s China sales up 48.7% in September

On October 9, Mazda published its China new car sales for September. Total sales were 29,043 units, which represents significant 48.7% year-on-year growth and marks the 4th month of growth.

The addition of the third Skyactiv-equipped model the CX-5 to the Atenza and Axela played a role in helping sales. The June release of the CX-4 SUV was also a help.

Mazda has two joint ventures in China, FAW Mazda with First Automobiles Works Group and Changan Ford Mazda with Chang’An Automobile Group. For September, FAW Mazda saw 53.4% year-on-year growth with a total of 10,043 units, making it the 3rd straight month of growth. Changan Ford Mazda saw 46.3% growth with 19,000 units sold.

Mazda’s China new car sales for 2015 were 235,261 units. This represents 11.5% growth and makes it the 2nd year of growth. The year set a new record after 2010’s 239,709.

Mazda’s China sales for January to September, 2016, were up 14.1% over the previous year at 191,711. The company expects 2016 sales to be 2% up from the previous year at 240,000 units.

(Translated by Greg Scott)