Infiniti Q50 (Nissan Skyline)

Infiniti global sales hit historic new record in September, up 12%

On October 4, Nissan’s overseas luxury brand Infiniti posted its September global new car sales. Total sales were the highest for the brand in its 27 years with 19,900 units. This represents 12% year-on-year growth.

The top-selling market was the Americas (North and South America) with approximately 12,760 units. This is 10% up from the previous year and marks the first year-on-year growth in 2 months.

Sales in China set a new record for September at 3,700 units. This is up 1% from the previous year and marks the 3rd month of growth. Asia and Oceania sales (including South Korea, Taiwan, and Australia) were approximately 650 units. This is up 75% from the previous year.

Sales for January to September for Western Europe were approximately 13,200 units, which represents significant year-over-year growth of 155%. This is due to the January release of the Q30 premium compact.

Infiniti’s 2015 global sales hit a new record at 215,250 units. This is 16% over the previous year. For the period of January to September of 2016, the brand saw 7% year-on-year growth with 164,636 units.

Infiniti president Roland Krueger said, “Customers around the world continue to appreciate the dynamic design, premium and comfortable interior, mobile connectivity and superior performance they experience in vehicles across the Infiniti portfolio.”

(Translated by Greg Scott)