Mitsuoka Motors official site

Mitsuoka Motors’ renewed website tells the development of the Zero 1 and Orochi

Mitsuoka Motors renewed its official website, creating a page for each model in its lineup using the theme of “Lifestyle” and added new content.

On the new website, a feature called “Life with Mitsuoka” shows users with their Mitsuoka cars. “This is MITSUOKA” introduces the history and craftsmanship of the brand. The content is devoted to showing what type of company Mitsuoka is, its unique spirit and the way that it builds cars.

“Legendaries” focuses on sensational models from the past and tells the largely unknown stories of their development. “Zero 1” tells how Mitsuoka came to become Japan’s 10th automaker and “Orochi” tells the story of the famous model which garnered a great deal of attention at the 2001 Tokyo Motor Show.

(Translated by Greg Scott)