2016 Infiniti QX50 (Nissan Skyline Crossover in Japan)

Infiniti’s US sales up 11.7% in September with QX50 sales 4.6 previous year’s

On October 3, Nissan published its September US car sales for its Infiniti luxury brand. Total sales set a new record for September with 11,413 units sold. This is up 11.7% from the previous year and marks the first year-on-year growth in 3 months.

In the sedan category, the flagship Q50 (Skyline in Japan) sold 4,359 units. This is up 22.5% from the previous year and marks the first growth in 5 months. The Q70 (Fuga in Japan) was down 35.4% at 402 units. The Q60 (Skyline Coupe in Japan), which had a new model released in September, saw significant growth of 92.6% with 497 units.

For SUVs, the QX60 sold 3,126 units, which is down 18.7% and marks the 3rd month of decline. A new and improved QX50 (Skyline Crossover in Japan) saw 4.6 times its previous year’s sales at 1,215 units.

The QX70 luxury crossover saw a decline of 23.7% at 363 units, marking the first decline in 2 months. The QX80 was up 15.1% at 1,202 units, marking the 6th month of growth. The new QX30 compact crossover sold 249 units. Overall SUV sales were up 9.4% at 6,155 units.

Infiniti’s US sales for January to September 2016 were up 1.3% at 96,775 units. Of these, passenger cars declined 25.1% at 31,130 units, while light trucks and SUVs saw 29.7% growth at 59,645 units.

(Translated by Greg Scott)