Honda N-BOX

Honda N-BOX tops mini car sales for second straight year: 2016 first-half ranking

The Japan Light Motor Vehicle and Motorcycle Association announced its sales ranking of new mini cars for the first half (April to September) of fiscal 2016. According to these results, the Honda N-BOX was the top selling mini car for the second straight year with 85,503 units (10.7% increase year on year).

Finishing as runner up for the second year in a row was the Daihatsu Tanto with 70,119 units (up 5.2% yoy), 15,384 units behind the top-ranked N-BOX. Rounding out the top three was the Suzuki Alto with 45,716 units (down 12.0% yoy). As a result of discontinued sales due to its fuel economy scandal, the Nissan Dayz, which placed third in last year’s ranking, failed to make the top 10 this year.

The top 10 ranking (2016 first half) for new mini cars is as follows:

1st: N-BOX (Honda) 85,503 units (up 10.7%)
2nd: Tanto (Daihatsu) 70,119 units (up 5.2%)
3rd: Alto (Suzuki) 45,716 units (down 12.0%)
4th: Spacia (Suzuki) 40,764 units (up 11.4%)
5th: Hustler (Suzuki) 40,204 units (down 13.6%)
6th: N-WGN (Honda) 39,435 units (up 6.1%)
7th: Wagon R (Suzuki) 36,778 units (down 29.3%)
8th: Mira (Daihatsu) 33,667 units (down 21.9%)
9th: Move (Daihatsu) 33,497 units (down 36.4%)
10th: Cast (Daihatsu) 28,660 units (up 311.3%)

(Translated by Masayuki Shikata)