Toyota Avanza veloz Dijual (Indonesia Auto Show '16)

Toyota & Daihatsu New Company to Focus on Asia Outside China

On 4 October Toyota Motor announced, in line with the company’s aim to strengthen the now totally-owned Daihatsu’s presence in the small vehicle market in emerging nations, that they are working to start their preliminarily named Emerging Nations Small Vehicle Company, hopefully opening its doors January of next year. According to Toyota’s PR department,
the company will focus efforts starting with Asian nations.

Toyota and Daihatsu agreed to the latter becoming a wholly-owned Toyota subsidiary in January of 2016, the deal being carried out that August. At that juncture, Toyota made clear its plans to have Daihatsu take over the company’s interests in the small vehicle emerging nations market. This new company will stratal between the two companies, solidifying those aforementioned plans.

The company will be led by Daihatsu, integrating the company towards development, provision, and production of small size Toyota vehicles to be sold in emerging nations. Since April, 2016, Toyota has been launched a 7 company system that will handle vechicle size, parts, functionality, etc., with this new company being the eighth.

The most conspicuous point is the realization of the market scope of the company, Toyota PR stating that the company will be focusing on “emerging Asian nations excluding China.” Other than East Asia, the company also has plans to extend into the Indian and Pakistani markets.

[Translated by Bryce Clarke]