Lexus NX 200t for North America

Lexus leads US luxury sales for 1st time in 5 months in August

In the US, there is stiff competition between Lexus, BMW and Mercedes-Benz over the luxury car market. According to the three brands’ August sales figures, Lexus has taken the lead for the first time in 5 months.

Total Lexus sales for August in the US were 30,938 units. This is 7.6% down year-on-year. Of the total, 12,934 were passenger cars. Passenger cars were down 23.9%. Light trucks including SUVs sold 18,004 units, which is 9.1% up from the previous year.

For SUVs, the new NX was up 21.6% at 5,407 units, setting a new monthly sales record. The newly released RX was up 0.8% at 9,701, marking the 8th straight month of year-on-year growth. The LX luxury SUV was up 95.6% at 403 units, marking the 3rd month of growth.

The Mercedes-Benz passenger car brand set a new record for August with 28,404 units. This was up 0.1% and marked the 3rd month of growth.

SUV sales were also favorable in August. Due to the release of a new model, the GLC sold 2.2 its previous year’s sales at 4,715. The GLC is the successor model to the GLK. The GLS was up 33.1% at 2,912 units. The compact GLA was down 51.2% at 1,058 units, marking the 4th month of decrease. The traditional G Class saw 13.1% growth with 302 units. The flagship GLE saw 16.2% growth at 3,756 units, marking the first growth in 4 months.

BMW’s August US sales totaled 25,531 units. This was down 8% year-on-year and the trend of decline continues. Of the total, passenger cars were down 28.3% at 15,730 units, which is the first decline in 2 months. For light trucks, the SAV (Sports Activity Vehicle) was up 68.2% at 9,801 units, marking the first growth in 5 months.

For passenger cars, BMW just released the 7 Series and as a result, it sold a favorable 1,230 units. This is over 13 times the previous year’s August sales and marks the 4th month of year-on-year growth. For SUVs, the flagship X3 was 2.2 times the previous year’s sales at 4,668 units. The X1 was down 37.9% at 1,440 units, continuing its declining sales. The X6 was up 30.9% at 580 units, marking the 2nd month of growth. The X4 was down 4.6% at 432 units, marking the 2nd month of decline. The X5 made a comeback, up 47% at 4,121 units.

In August, Lexus surpassed both Mercedes-Benz and BMW for the first time in 5 months. Group vice president and general manager for Lexus in the US for Toyota says, “Lexus’ SUV sales set new records for August thanks in part to the NX.”

(Translated by Greg Scott)