Toyota Research Institute CEO Gill Platt

Toyota collaborates with Open Source Robotics Foundation to strengthen its automatic driving research

On September 15, Toyota announced that the Toyota Research Institute, Inc., which it opened in January in the United States, will work together with US non-profit Open Source Robotics Foundation on robotics and automatic driving research.

OSRF is an American non-profit that promotes the acceleration of development, distribution and utilization of open source software used for robotics research and education.

TRI has signed a 2-year contract with the Open Source Robotics Corporation, a private enterprise founded by OSRF. OSRC’s technical team will support TRI’s research activities with its robotics engineering and software technology.

Toyota’s aim is to further strengthen its TRI robotics and automatic driving research to expand from its existing automatic driving business’s scale to a more far-reaching mobility business.

At the same time, TRI is giving OSRF $1,000,000 as a charitable donation to support the promotion of development and utilization of robotics-related open source software.

TRI CEO Gill Pratt said, “At Toyota, we are creating better ways to move, whether it’s across the room, across town, or across the country,” said TRI CEO Gill Pratt. “The Open Source Robotics Corporation team brings unparalleled technical expertise and industry-leading technology platforms, which we intend to embed in the heart of our research programs. TRI also believes that the open source movement can catalyze the development of the robotics industry, and we are excited to help OSRF expand its impact.”

(Translated by Greg Scott)