Infiniti Q30

Infiniti achieves record-high global sales led by success in Western Europe; August results

In early September, Infiniti announced its global sales results for August 2016. According to these results, overall unit sales grew 2% from the previous year, to a record high of around 17,150 units.

The largest market was the US (North and South America) with approximately 11,700 units. As it’s the period for changes to model years, these results turned negative, falling slightly below those of a year ago.

The Chinese market grew for the second straight month, rising 12% yoy to around 3,400 units, a new record for the month of August. Asia (South Korea and Taiwan) and Oceania (Australia, etc.) climbed 26% yoy to around 550 units, as they continued to grow in double digits.

In Western Europe, Infiniti’s results for the first eight months (January to August) in 2016 totaled to around 11,400 units in sales, up significantly by 169% from the previous year. This is the result of its release of the all-new Q30 in January.

In 2015, Infiniti achieved 215,250 units in global sales, up 16% year on year. This surpassed its annual figures from 2014, resulting in a new sales record. So far in 2016 (January to August), sales have grown 6% yoy to approximately 145,000 units, also a record high.

Infiniti’s President Roland Krueger said, “Infiniti continues to advance along its growth path with significant progress for the Q30 and QX30 in Western Europe.”

(Translated by Masayuki Shikata)