Mazda headquarters (Hiroshima)

Mazda establishes ASEAN project room to strengthen Asian strategy

Mazda announced that it had made an organization change, creating a new ASEAN project room and added it to its headquarters as of September 1.

The organizational change transfers control of ASEAN strategy design and promotion, all functions regarding the ASEAN market, and ASEAN-related functions of the planning and management division’s business promotion section to the new ASEAN project room. It will also abolish its ASEAN market division and business promotion section.

Through intensifying its functionality toward business in the ASEAN region, one of its most important markets, and unifying management, the aim is to make business operations more efficient and decision-making quicker in the ASEAN region, while strengthening its ability to face changes in the market and further spread a unified brand in the region.

Mazda Southeast Asia president Hiroshi Inoue, who is in charge of developing countries not including Latin America, will head the ASEAN project room.

(Translated by Greg Scott)