The all-new Acura (Honda) NSX

Acura delivers 21 units of new NSX to US customers in July

In early August, Acura announced its July sales results for the all-new NSX, which was delivered within the US market beginning in June.

On May 24, Honda commenced mass production of the new NSX at its Performance Manufacturing Center (PMC), a new plant in Marysville, Ohio where all NSX models will be assembled.

The PMC features exceptional production quality, craftsmanship and technological innovation. However, the NSX’s 3.5-liter V6 twin turbo engine will be assembled manually at the Anna engine plant in Ohio.

The base price of the all-new NSX is 156,000 USD. Two units were delivered to customers in June, followed by 21 units in July. As the new model will mainly be handmade, only 5 to 8 units will be produced per day.

American Honda’s Executive Vice President, John Mendel said, “The first deliveries of the all-new NSX are electrifying Acura showrooms and generating tremendous excitement for all Acura customers.”