Toyota Gosei Automotive Sealing Mexico

Toyota Gosei to expand production of weather strips in Mexico

On August 24, Toyota Gosei announced that its Mexican subsidiary, Toyota Gosei Automotive Sealing Mexico (TGASMX) will increase its production capacity of weather strips by 1.5 times its current level by 2020 in response to the expanding automobile production in North America.

In addition to expanding its production equipment at the existing plant, TGASMX will acquire adjacent land and expand its plant building to introduce trial manufacture equipment for the smooth preparation of production. This initiative will aid in the establishment of a system that responds to the needs of customers in Mexico, where automobile production is developing remarkably, as well as in other regions of North America.

TGASMX will invest 34.5 million USD (approx. 3.6 billion yen) with expectations of net sales doubling to around 124 million USD (approx. 13 billion yen) in fiscal 2020, compared with its results in fiscal 2015.

(Translated by Masayuki Shikata)