Nissan Rogue

Nissan US sales up 1.2% in July with Rogue sales hitting new record

At the end of August, Nissan North America reported its July US new car sales figures. Total sales set a new record for July at 132,475 units. This represents 1.2% year-on-year growth and marks the 2nd month of year-on-year growth.

Nissan brand sales hit a new record in July with 122,530 units sold. This is up 1.7% and marks the 2nd month of growth. For passenger cars, the flagship Altima (Teana in Japan) sold 24,949 units. This is down 26.3% from the previous year and marks the first decline in 2 months. The Sentra sold 18,536 units, which is up 0.1% and marks the 2nd month of growth. The Versa sold 11,856 units, which is up 19.2% from the previous year and marks the 3rd month of growth. The Maxima, which had a new model introduced in June 2015, saw significant growth of 43.5% at 5,990 units, marking the 10th month of growth.

For the light truck category, the Rogue compact SUV, which is the sister model of the X-Trail and underwent a model change in December 2013, set a new record at 33,298 units. This is up 32.8% over the previous year and marks the 24th month of growth. The Frontier light pickup was up 72.7% at 7,244 units, marking the 7th month of growth. The newly introduced Murano was up 14.9% at 6,271 units.

Sales were down 4.7% for the Infiniti brand at 9,945 units, marking the first decrease in 5 months. The flagship Q50 (Skyline in Japan) sold 2,805 units, marking a 26.3% decline and the 3rd month of decline. QX60 sales were down 1.6% at 3,701 units, marking the first decline in 5 months. As a result of the release of a new and improved model, the QX50 saw 7.5 times its usual sales at 1,360.

Nissan US sales for 2015 were up 7.1% at a record-setting 1,484,918 units. Sales for the period January to July 2016 were up 7.3% at 930,589 units.

(Translated by Greg Scott)