New Honda Civic Sedan

Honda US sales up 4.4% in July with Civic passing up Accord

American Honda has released its July US new car sales figures. According to the figures, total sales were 152,799 units, which marks 4.4% year-on-year growth and makes July the 2nd month of growth.

For Honda passenger cars, the Accord sold 31,946 units. This is down 7.4% from the previous year’s July and marks the first decline in 2 months. The Fit sold 5,432 units, which is up 25.4% and marks the 2nd month of growth. July Civic sales were up 5.8% at 32,952 due to the introduction of a new sedan model at the end of 2015. This marks the 11th month of growth, outperforming the Accord on a year-on-year basis.

In the light truck category, which includes SUVs, pickups, and minivans, the flagship CR-V sold 36,017 units. This is up 13.3% from the previous year and marks the 2nd month of growth. The Pilot mid-sized SUV saw 8% year-on-year growth with 10,350 units, marking the 2nd month of growth. The US version of the Odyssey minivan, which is different from the Japanese model, was down 12.6% at 11,228 units, marking the 2nd month of decline. The HR-V (Vezel in Japan), which was introduced in May, 2015, made a comeback with 25.1% growth in sales at 7,394.

The Acura brand’s new TLX sport sedan sold 3,124 units, marking 11.5% year-on-year decline and the 4th month of losses. ILX sales were down 25.5% at 1,201 units, marking the 3rd month of decline.

For Acura SUVs, the MDX was down 15% at 4,902 units, marking the 18th month of decline. The RDX sold 4,320 units, which is 5.6% down from last year and marks the 3rd month of decline.

Honda’s 2015 US new car sales were up 3% at 1,586,551 units, setting a new record. For the period of January to July 2016, year-on-year sales grew 6.8% at 490,994 units. American Honda senior VP and general manager Jeff Conrad commented, “The new models we’ve introduced to the market have stimulated record-setting demand.”

(Translated by Greg Scott)