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Japan National Tourism Organization reports record-breaking 2.29M visitors to Japan in July

According to the Japan National Tourism Organization, there were 2,297,000 visitors to Japan in July. This is up 19.7% from the previous year’s July and sets a new record for any single month.

The large number is the result of various factors including an increase in the number of ports accepting cruise ships and flights, as well as the fact that July is the peak summer vacation season for many countries.

In addition to China and Hong Kong, 16 other markets saw record numbers of visitors for July. The record-setting markets did not include the UK or Russia. One reason for the increase in visitors from China is the dramatic increase of ports that accept cruise ships. July continued from April as the 4th successive month that Chinese visitors exceeded 500,000. In July, Chinese visitors exceeded 700,000 for the first time with a total of 731,000, which is 26.8% up from the previous year’s July.

In addition to favorable overall demand for foreign travel in South Korea, which had dropped due to the influence of the Kumamoto earthquake, other factors such as the restarting of the Seoul-Fukuoka line, new routes going into commission, and travel agencies offering sale prices for travel products, raised South Korean visits 30.0% at a total of 447,000.

On the other hand, the number of Japanese visiting overseas was up 8.9% in July at 1,427,000 people, marking the 2nd month of year-on-year growth.

(Translated by Greg Scott)