Mitsubishi Motors headquarters

Mitsubishi’s domestic share down 1%; June results

Mitsubishi Motors Corporation announced its results of production, domestic sales and exports for June 2016. According to these results, total production declined for the seventh month in a row, dropping 19.1% to 81,558 units.

Domestic production plummeted 30.3% to 36,873 units, resulting in a deficit for the third consecutive month. Production overseas fell for the 14th straight month, declining 6.6% to 44,685 units.

Due in large part to its fuel economy scandal, domestic sales dropped 51.9% to 3,778 units, recording a deficit for the fourth straight month. With a decline for the Delica D:5, registrations went down 0.8% to 2,481 units. Sales of mini cars sank 75.7% to 1,297 units, due to discontinued sales of the eK series.

Mitsubishi’s market share fell 1.0 percentage points to 1.0%.

Exports decreased for the third straight month, down 3.1% to 34,121 units.