Maruti Suzuki's Super Carrier compact truck

Suzuki to release Super Carrier for India’s compact commercial vehicle segment

On July 27, Suzuki India subsidiary Maruti Suzuki announced that it would begin production and sales of the Super Carry compact truck. It will be its first entry into the Indian compact commercial vehicle segment.

The Super Carry is equipped with a 2-cylinder 800cc diesel engine. With its ample storage space, excellent safety performance and ease-of-use, it offers a spacious interior that’s comfortable even for long-distance driving. It is designed to be practical and user-friendly.

With commercial vehicles reaching about 700,000 units in India in 2015, Suzuki is adding its flagship passenger cars and multi-use vehicles to Maruti Suzuki’s lineup. It is introducing the Super Carrier to its compact commercial vehicle category to meet the needs of Indian consumers.

The Super Carrier is being built at Maruti Suzuki’s Gurgaon plant in the state of Haryana. At first, sales will be limited to Ludhiana, Ahmedabad, and Calcutta, and then it will be rolled out in other arears.

(Translated by Greg Scott)