Nissan X-Trail sold entirely through Twitter

Nissan becomes first automaker to sell car entirely through Twitter

On July 7, Nissan Europe announced that it was the first automaker ever to make a sale using Twitter only.

The Nissan X-Trail was purchased through Twitter by Raul Escolano of Barcelona, Spain. He purchased a new X-Trail through negotiations with local dealer Antomotor through Twitter only.

Using the Twitter app Periscope, he conducted the usual face-to-face explanation of the X-Trail’s key points online. Escolano decided to buy the car 6 days after initially contacting the dealer.

The new car sale was conducted entirely through twitter from the initial contact to the final delivery of the automobile. According to Nissan Europe, the first time Escolano set foot in the dealership was two months later when he went to pick it up.

Nissan Europe said, “We’ve reduced the number of times a purchaser must visit a dealership from 5 times ten years ago to 1 time today. We can now see even more clearly the importance of the online experience.”

(Translated by Greg Scott)