Takata Child Guard 1.0

Takata-Designed Childseat Wins Kid’s Design Prize

Takata announced that for the 2nd year in a row the company has won the 10th annual Kid’s Design Award for with their first rotating ISOFIX childseat, the Child Guard 1.0.

The Kid’s Design Award, presented for prodcuts, spaces, and services that encompass the ideals of “everyday safety for children”; “providing children with a richly stimulating and creative environment”; and “providing a safe society for people to raise their children” was established with the goal of speaking to a wide range of facets of society.

This year’s recipient, the Child Guard 1.0, was jointly developed from German and Japanese perspectives, is the ISOFIX childseat. Despite the seat’s lightweight design it boasts safety and comfort with a rotating function that allows for it to be loaded into a car and taken out with ease along with a magnetic tongue, automatic buckling, and air pads that protect from side and vertical impact. The unique frame includes UV shielding and a design that unifies the newest in safety against impacts and day-to-day usability.

[Translated by Bryce Clarke]