Mazda CX-3

Mazda suffers fifth consecutive double-digit decline in new vehicle registrations; June results

The Japan Automobile Dealers Association announced its results of new vehicle registrations (excluding mini cars) for June 2016. According to these results, Mazda declined in double digits for the fifth month in a row, dropping 41.9% yoy to 10,478 units.

Top-ranked Toyota recorded 135,727 units (up 7.6% yoy), while Honda finished in second with 33,946 units (down 10.6%) and Nissan in third with 31,903 units (down 0.8%).

Amongst passenger car brands, Subaru, Suzuki, Lexus and Daihatsu all recorded increases while Mitsubishi suffered a decline.

1st: Toyota 135,727 units (up 7.6%)
2nd: Honda 33,946 units (down 10.6%)
3rd: Nissan 31,903 units (down 0.8%)
4th: Mazda 10,478 units (down 41.9%)
5th: Suzuki 10,057 units (up 82.4%)
6th: Subaru 8,870 units (up 31.6%)
7th: Isuzu 6,549 units (up 11.6%)
8th: Hino 5,754 units (up 10.0%)
9th: Mitsubishi Fuso 4,897 units (up 4.0%)
10th: Lexus 4,557 units (up 10.2%)
11th: Mitsubishi Motors 2,482 units (down 0.7%)
12th: UD Trucks 1,034 units (down 12.3%)
13th: Daihatsu 491 units (up 280.6%)