Daihatsu Industries president Masanori Mitsui (left) and Fujitsu Ten president Akira Yamanaka (right) at awards ceremony

Fujitsu Ten wins Daihatsu’s SCC Award for Excellence

Fujitsu Ten announced that it won Daihatsu’s SCC Award for Excellence.

“SCC” stands for “simple, slim and compact.” It is an award given for simple equipment and craftsmanship, production improvements through efforts that eliminate waste, shortening of lead time, and planning that reduces fixed costs.

The award was given to Fujitsu’s subsidiary Fujitsu Ten Manufacturing’s Nakatsugawa plant for its excellent reputation for implementing improvements to its manufacturing through its “Change the Factory! Change People and Society! Reduce the Real Costs of Manufacturing” initiative, which had done things like allow for quantity fluctuations on the production line.

(Translated by Greg Scott)