Toyota Prius TRD Parts

Photo feature: Toyota Prius TRD Parts featuring exceptional performance and aerodynamics

This development concept labeled as the “Hybrid Sports of Next Generation,” has been established with loads of high-performance features, including simple yet aerodynamically balanced aero parts, the world’s first MCB (motion control beam) and a member brace set.

The aero parts consist of a front spoiler, side skirts, rear bumper spoiler and a trunk spoiler. This technology developed through motorsports activities enhances the aerodynamic performance of the all-new Prius.

It also comes available with 18-, 17- and 15-inch aluminum wheels that offer exceptional aerodynamics and rigidity. Different types of suspension sets have been established for the FF and all-wheel-drive models. For those seeking even greater performance, Aisin Seiki motion control beam (MCB) and member brace set are also available.