The 2016 Mitsubishi Outlander

Mitsubishi sales down 5.7% in the US despite successful Outlander; May results

In early June, Mitsubishi Motors North America announced its sales results for May 2016 in the US. According to these results, overall sales fell 5.7% from the previous year to 9,025 units, resulting in its first deficit in five months.

The overall sales of 9,025 units consist of 3,029 passenger cars (down 37.5% yoy), which declined for the first time in three months. Sales of the light truck series, including SUVs, increased for the 23rd month in a row, climbing 26.9% to 5,996 units.

Amongst SUVs, Mitsubishi’s leading Outlander Sport (the RVR, in Japan) recorded a decline in sales for the third straight month, falling 9.6% to 3,060 units in May. Though sales of the Outlander Sport have responded well to its increased demand since the transfer of production to their Illinois plant in July 2012, Mitsubishi has decided to terminate its production in the US.

Meanwhile, as a result of introducing its new and updated model, the Outlander achieved 2,936 units, which was an increase of roughly 220% from the previous year, and a surplus for the 15th month in a row. For the month of May, these figures were the highest ever since 2003. The Mirage, which was introduced to the US market in September 2013, recorded 2,098 units, down 37.7% year on year as it suffered its first deficit in three months.

In 2015, Mitsubishi sold 95,342 vehicles in the US, which was an increase of 22.8% from the previous year and its highest sales recorded since 2008. So far in 2016 (January to May), Mitsubishi has sold 43,911 vehicles, up 5.6% from the same period in 2015.