Hitachi Automotive Systems (China) booth image

Hitachi Automotive to present wide range of products and systems at 2016 Shanghai International Auto Parts and Service Exhibition

Hitachi Automotive Systems’ China subsidiary Hitachi Automotive Systems (China) will present a display at the 2016 Shanghai International Auto Parts and Service Exhibition from June 28 to 30.

As more and more people in China own and drive cars, there is increasing interest in technology related to environmental efficiency and safe driving. It is expected that there will also be a sharp rise in demand for related parts and systems. Hitachi Automobile Industries produces parts, systems and technologies environmental protection and collision avoidance such as mechatronics parts and control technologies, and offers these products to car makers around the world. It is currently working to expand its business in China.

At the event this year, Hitachi will present electric power train system technology that’s at the heart of the electric vehicle revolution such as motors, inverter, and 48V lithium ion battery packs; starters for coasting stop for higher efficiency internal combustion components; and high-efficiency ICE system technology such as variable valve systems. In addition, it will introduce a stereo camera for its safety system, ADAS electrical control unit, electrically operated actuators, and a wide range of other products and technologies.

(Translated by Greg Scott)