Subaru Forester (2016, North American spec)

Subaru sales up 1.1% to 50,000-unit mark in the US

In early June, Subaru of America announced its sales results for May 2016. According to these results, overall sales grew 1.1% year on year to 50,083 units, as it exceeded its results from the previous year for the 54th month in a row.

Leading the way was the Forester SUV with 15,309 units, up 1% yoy for its second straight surplus. This was the 34th consecutive month that the Forester accumulated over 10,000 units in monthly sales.

The Outback (the Legacy Outback, in Japan) recorded 12,404 units, up slightly by 0.2% from the previous year and resulting in a surplus for the fourth straight month. Sales of the Legacy sedan (the Legacy B4, in Japan) grew for the second month in a row, climbing 5.3% to 5,265 units.

The Crosstrek (the XV, in Japan) released in September 2012, achieved a record-high for the month of May with 8,467 units. This was a 7.5% improvement from the year before and a surplus for the second straight month.

Meanwhile, sales of the WRX series, which includes the WRX STI, dropped 19.6% to 2,327 units, falling below its previous year’s mark for the fourth consecutive month. On the other hand, the Impreza (excluding the WRX) recorded 5,928 units, which was a 5.1% rise and its first surplus in five months.

Subaru’s sales for the US market in 2015 were a record-high of 582,675 units, a 13.4% improvement yoy and a surplus for the seventh year in a row. So far in 2016 (January to May), sales have increased by 2.1% to 232,860 units. Subaru of America’s President and COO, Thomas J. Doll said, “We can expect to achieve new sales records in 2016.”