Acura RDX

Acura sales fall 20% to 13,000 units in the US due to stock shortages; May results

On June 1, Acura announced its sales results of new cars in the US for May 2016. According to these results, overall sales dropped 20.4% year on year to 13,561 units, resulting in a deficit for the first time in three months.

Amongst sedans, sales of the all-new TLX sport sedan fell 25.7% to 3,235 units, as it recorded a deficit for the second straight month. The ILX declined for the first time in two months, falling 14.9% to 1,424 units. The top-of-the-line RLX continued to decline, dropping 46.9% to 127 units.

As for SUVs, the MDX, which was remodeled in 2013, fell below its results from the previous year for the 16th month in a row, sinking 22.4% to 4,208 units. The RDX dropped 14.5% to 4,566 units as it suffered its first deficit in three months.

So far for 2016 (January to May), Acura sales in the US have fallen 5.5% yoy to 67,642 units.

Acura’s Vice President Jon Ikeda said, “Our sales dropped in May due to a shortage of stock. We can expect sales to expand this summer with the introduction of our new NSX and 2017 MDX.”