Suzuki's Chairman Osamu Suzuki and President Toshihiro Suzuki to hold a press conference regarding the automaker's improper fuel economy measurement (photo taken on May 31)

Suzuki to hold press conference to address improper fuel economy measurement

Suzuki Motor Corporation’s Chairman Osamu Suzuki and President Toshihiro Suzuki will be holding a press conference from 5:30pm at the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT) regarding the issues surrounding the improper estimation of their fuel economy data.

They will be addressing the automaker’s actions to prevent its recurrence, which will be submitted to the MLIT on this day. As Suzuki was measuring its fuel economy without adhering to the coasting test method, regulated by the government for running resistance data, this affects over 2.14 million vehicles consisting of 26 models sold (only domestically as of May 31) and delivered to other companies as OEM.