Toyota's Tahara plant

Toyota restarts production after closures due to ADVICS explosion

Toyota Motor Corporation has recommenced operations after temporarily halting its production due to the explosion that occurred on May 30 at ADVICS’s (Aisin Seiki Group) Kariya plant (Kariya, Aichi).

Operations were suspended at Toyota’s Motomachi, Tahara and Takaoka plants in Aichi Prefecture due to a delay in the supply of brake parts from ADVICS.

On June 2, Toyota stated, “While our production was suspended on May 31 and June 1 due to a delay in parts supply resulting from the ADVICS explosion, we have restarted operations on all lines from today.”

Established in July 2001, ADVICS was created through the integration of four brake manufacturers, Toyota, Aisin Seiki, Denso and Sumitomo Electric Industries.

For that reason alone, the impact of this explosion was enormous as the Toyota Group, including Daihatsu, shut down their assembly lines at nine plants throughout the country.