Mazda RX-8

Mazda Motor of America: Additional Takata Airbag Recalls, Approximately 730,000

Mazda Motor of America (a subsidiary of Mazda North American Operations) announced on May 27 that they would be making additional recalls (collection and free repair) of vehicles mounted with Takata-produced airbag inflators.

This announcement comes after the revised agreement between the US’s NHTSA and Takata’s American subsidiary company regarding airbag recalls from the American market and serves to support the contents of said agreement.

The revised agreement included a decision to recall all airbag inflators, even those front seat airbags that did not include the phase stabilized ammonium nitrate drying agent that were not part of the initial recall, from the North American market.

Mazda Motor of America announced that they would be undertaking the additional recalls set forth by the revised agreement in North America which will include 730,000 vehicles in total sold in the US in the past.

Vehicles that fall under the recall include 5 types of cars: Mazda 6 models 2009 – 2011, CX-7 models 2007 – 2011, CX-9 models 2007 – 2011, RX-8 models 2004 – 2011, and MPV models 2004 – 2006.

[Translated by Bryce Clarke]