Suzuki Solio

Suzuki’s total production down 1.4% at 20,465 in April

Suzuki’s reported 4-wheel vehicle production, sales and export figures for April reveal that its sales were down 1.4% year-on-year at 250,465 units, marking the 6th month of year-on-year decrease.

Overseas production, which it has spread to India, Hungary and Thailand, was up 7.1% at 181,523 units, marking the 2nd month of growth, but domestic Japan production and exports were down 18.5% at 68,942 units, marking the 14th month of decline.

Domestic sales in Japan were down2.6% at 48,224 units, marking the 3rd month of decline. Non-kei cars were up 75.2% at 8,404, helped a great deal by the new Solio and Ignis. April was the 8th straight month of favorable sales. However, kei-cars like the Hustler and Wagon R were down 11.0% at 39,820 units, marking the 16th month of year-on-year decline.

Exports to regions like Latin America and the Middle East were down 12.9% at 9,412, marking the 13th consecutive month of decline.

(Translated by Greg Scott)