Hino Dutro

Automotive Engineering Exposition 2016: Hino Displays New Compact Truck Dutro and More

Hino Motors, at the Automotive Engineering Exposition 2016 held at Pacifico Yokohama between May 25 and 27 and Port Messe Nagoya between June 29 and July 1, presented the Hino Dutro compact truck equipped with the company’s collision damage reducing break system as well as diesel engines manufactured for mid-size trucks.

Hino’s new compact truck, the Dutro, which comes equipped standard with the company’s collision damage reducing break system, known as PCS, and lane deviation warning system was made available for purchase on May 6.

The company also presented their A05C diesel engine, mounted to a mid-size truck, the Hino Ranger, and their large-size bus, the Hino Blue Ribbon Hybrid. At 5123 cc and producing low levels of emissions, the engine allows for adequate acceleration and provides plenty of torque due to its 2 stage supercharger. The world’s first vehicle to utilize this engine, the Hino Dimple Liner, manifests the merits of this motor through its achievement of excellent gas mileage.

In addition, the company also presented on their vision of the future for the next generation of commercial vehicles and held panels and showed videos of Hino’s Sugawara Team at the Dakar Rally 2016, cementing their 7 time winning streak in class.

[Translated by Bryce Clarke]