Honda Accord, Scheduled for Recall Due to Takata Airbag (image)

Additional Recalls for Takata Airbags in the US: 13.85 Million

The recall over faulty airbags produced by Takata expands worldwide, with the company reporting additional recalls to American authorities.

This issue stems from what was made clear by the American NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) on May 16 when it announced that it had received a notice from Takata for an additional 13,850,000 units due to a problem with the airbag inflator.

The additional recalls appear to be due to a revised agreement reached between the NHTSA and Takata on May 4 regarding the recall of airbags on the American market.

The main pillar of said revised agreement revolves around how out of the front seat airbag inflators that did not have phase-stabilized ammonium nitrate—used as a drying agent—included, that all those that were up to now not considered targets for recall within the US would now be included as targets for recall.

Based on this revised agreement, Takata has, for front seat airbag inflators that do not use the up-to-now non-recalled drying agent, begun planning a 5-stage process of sending out recall notices for each car’s model year and region, starting with those oldest and in high-temperature high-humidity regions.

The first of these notices was sent out on May 16, with the company announcing that the number of inflators scheduled for recall would be 13,850,000. According to Takata, this brings the total number of inflators in the US that are affected by the recall to a maximum of 40,000,000.

[Translated by Bryce Clarke]