RC F Circuit club Sports Parts

Photo Feature: Lexus RC F Circuit club Sports Parts has specialty parts for an excellent driving performance

TRD’s RC F Circuit club Sports Parts was born out of the concept: “Experience more, drive more. Make the fun last a little longer.”

Its CFRP aero parts such as the front spoiler and side spoilers were designed based on TRD’s racing technology. It was designed for heightened response in handling and offers improved safety technology. Its muffler and differential also contribute to the excellent drive and its retractable rear spoiler is designed so that you can really feel the downforce at any speed.

It uses offer TRD’s BBS specialty 20-inch aluminum wheels and Drexler 1.5-way LSD designed by expert craftsmen in Germany. When you step on the pedal, you get excellent traction right away.

(Translated by Greg Scott)